There are few things higher on a hot rodder’s wish list than new tools.  We love tools! The thought of a shiny roll-a-round so tall that you cant see what is in the top over stuffed with new tools could inspire giddiness in the Grinch himself! 


 No matter how many tools we own, we can always find an excuse to buy more.  We may not have the specialty tool that would fit perfectly in that tight spot. We may have to replace the ratchet that blew apart because of the 6 foot long “mechanic’s helper” that was slid over the handle. Even if you have a plentiful supply of unbroken hand tools, manufacturers continue to develop power tools that make the ones you have slow and obsolete.


In much the same way we humans use tools to manipulate raw material into objects of pride and beauty, God uses His followers to get things done here on Earth.  Every individual has been created with unique skills and special talents. (1 Pet. 4:10) We were created to use these talents in the service of the Lord. Christians are to be tools in the hands of God. (The Master Mechanic)


God does not need us to do His will, nor does He want to have slaves without choice. It is His desire that we serve Him with a willing spirit and grateful attitude.  God created the entire universe by merely speaking. (Gen. 1:3-26) With all of the tools and technology we have at our disposal, humans can not create. We can only manipulate. Einstein concluded humans could not create nor destroy matter. We can only change the state that it is in.


If you are a Christian, we urge you to be the best tool for God you can be. Be strong.  Don’t break under pressure. You know how frustrating it can be working with broken tools.  Be willing to do whatever and be ready to go wherever God is leading.  You know how frustrating it is to need a ½” wrench for a job, and it’s the only one missing from the set!


If you are not yet in God’s toolbox, consider the impact of being His useful servant! Seek out a Christian Church in your area or contact us. There is nothing more important. Just like we put new tools a special drawer, or draw tool outlines on the pegboard, God will give all His tools a cherished place in His kingdom. God is ALWAYS in the market for more tools!