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Mosers In Force

The Mosers, gathered for a team photo at the Geezers at the Grove event.

Pyle Family

The Pyle family gathers for a group photo at the Geezer's at the Grove Event.

Jungle Jim Replica

Jungle Jim Lieberman was a showman and a pioneer to the drag racing sport. Maple Grove honored him at the 2007 Geezer's at the Grove event with replica cars and a tribute to his son who was in attendance.

Downtrack Chase

Darryl is in chase during an event at Maple Grove Raceway.

Readying for Burnout

Zachary prepares to light the hides going into the waterbox.

Team Gospel Motorsports on the balcony

The trusty tow vehicle serves as a grandstand and a balcony for the smaller crew members.

Mason Dixon Start

Darryl checks the RPM at the Division 1 Jr. Event with Eric Peterka, Zachary's engine builder looking on.

The Crew

The Gospel Motorsports crew was ready for first round and showed their colors during the Mason Dixon Jr. Event.

Zachary Runner Ups

Zachary managed a runner up finish in his first race with a new car in 2007 at Numidia Raceway.

Breakfast Prep

Neil prepares breakfast for some hungry racers at the first race of 2007 for the junior team.

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Snake Bit Receives Gospel Motorsports Logo

Adam Pyle applied the Gospel Motorsport logo to the front spoiler of the Snake Bit nostalgia dragster for the 2007 season.

Rachael Trying for Size

Rachael tests the seating in the LPW Lightning chassis at a race in Atco, NJ.

Photos from 2006 Racing Season

Photos from 2005 Racing Season


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