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Lining Up

Zachary guides his dragster into the beams at Island Dragway.

Island Time Run

Darryl makes a time pass at Island Dragway in Great Meadows, NJ

Ready for Final Round

Darryl gets mentally ready for the final round race against Tom Harhart at Island Dragway.

Waiting Out the Rain

Zachary waits as the rains before first round of eliminations fall at Numidia on August 27th.

Numidia Pit Area

Although it was a cloudy day on August 27th, the track at Numidia always feels like you are on top of the world.

Semi Finalist at NED Jr Divisionals

Zachary collected his first trophy in racing with his semi final finish in the 8-9 year old category at the August 20th NED Jr. Dragster Divisional race.

First Round at NED Divisionals

Zachary takes the win light in first round of the 8-9 year old category at the NED Divisionals


Nate displays the back of the Gospel Motorsports team shirts which includes the scripture from Proverbs.

Team Spirit

After a very happy first round win, Team Gospel Motorsports looks forward to the next round in their team shirts from Apple Valley Sportswear.

On The Launch

During a time run on July 9th, the Nova leaves the line and wrinkles the side walls of the Hoosiers, off to another 11 second pass.

Grandpop's First Race

Grandpop tries his hand and "Raced the Truck" unlike his favorite drive Dale Jarrett. By the third time trial, he ran a respectable 17.01 with an .090 light.

In the Burnout Box

Zachary readies to strike the tires in a burnout when preparing for a time run at Maple Grove on June 25, 2005.


Nate oversees Zachary's safety equipment when suiting up at Cecil County Dragway.

Displays of Faith

Another racer at Cecil County giving a display of faith in Jesus with a bit of patriotism as well.

Staging Lanes

Getting ready for first round of eliminations and both Zachary and dad need to shake off the butterflies ... "a little RPM at the start and don't take too much at the stripe."

Time Run

Zachary finishes the second of two time runs on opening day 2005.

Tow to Tech

Always remember your ear muffs, even when going to tech. Here Nate holds the dragster steady in line at tech inspection on opening day.

Team Cars

Opening day, March 26, 2005 was cold with scattered sun. 2005 brings a rule change that allows the Nova to run as quick as 11.50.

As Purchased

The 1999 Motivational Tubing dragster was shipped from Memphis, TN and from there work began to get it ready for the 12.90 class.

Custom Paint

The dragster arrived with a custom orange, white, yellow, purple, and green paint job with an orange power coated roll cage.


A Briggs Raptor motor running methanol that has previously served in a go-kart came with the car. Over the winter the motor was freshened and detuned.


The interior is somewhat sparse with an engine kill switch on the right and a power switch for the Autometer tach on the left.


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