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Snake Bit

Adam & Jennie Pyle's Snake Bit nostalgia dragster with over 900 blown and injected small block horsepower. Adam fired the car with a 20% nitro mixture for the show...ah the smell of nitro in the morning.

Byron Staub's '40 Chevy

Byron brought his Special Deluxe to the show with small bock power and Weld Drag Star wheels. Sharp looking cruiser

Chuck Moyer's Big Block Monte

Seeing a late model Monte Carlo SS at the show is a nice suprise, but when it's motivated by a big-inch big block it makes for a great cruising show car.

Darryl Moser's Deuce

Originally called Chevy IIs, they later became known as Novas. Darryl's is equipped with a 400 cubic inch small block.

Daryl Riegel's Father's Day Cruiser

Both Daryl and his father bought 1987 Buick Grand Nationals when they rolled onto the show room floor. They held a common relationship with Buicks. A few years back, Daryl's father passed away and Daryl decided to keep his father's car, recently repainting it restoring its original luster, making it an appropriate ride for a father's day celebration.

Dan Gross and daughter

Dan is getting his daughter ready for the tricycle races that would occur later in the afternoon.

Studebaker Champion

A great classic Studebaker came to the show with small block Chevy power and a great ride stance and periwinkle color.

Original Champion

Aside of a slightly modified Studebaker Champion was a shining example of an original appearing 1941 Champion, complete with white walls and moon hubcaps.

Jake Knarr - Jr Dragster

Jake brought his 7.90 junior dragster to the show. Jake participates with team Pray Hard Racing that provides racing access to kids who would not normally get the chance to race.

Jake Arms' Custom F100

Jake just finished his F100 truck to bring it to the show. Equipped with a 1970 Ford 429 motor, this truck was packing plenty of horsepower and lots of custom body treatments.

Jed Knarr - Jr. Dragster

Jed brought his 7.90 junior dragster to the show. Jed like his brother Jake participates with team Pray Hard Racing that provides racing access to kids who would not normally get the chance to race.

Jeff Moyer - 1100+HP ride

Imagine driving 1100 horserpower on the street! Jeff and his dad pulled into the show after being at Bocella's Speed Shop show earlier in the day. Jeff has been known to scrape the bumper on 160mph passes in this car, with just a little N2O applied.

Joe Dedrick - Jr. Dragster

Joe is a racer from Team Pray Hard and was also our champion in the Razor Scooter races for the kids class. Joe has been competing effectively at Maple Grove Raceway this year.

Leonard Albitz - '65 Impala Convertible

Leoanard brought his ragtop Chevrolet Implall out for the show and was another shining example of 60's muscle cars and classics

Nate Moser - Junior Dragster

Part of the Gospel Motorsports team, Nate will be participating in his first year of competion in 2008 and was an active participant in our scooter races.

Roger Lantz - '81 Volvo 240

Roger brought his Volvo to the inaugural Father's Day show last year and provided a great example of a well balanced sports car from Europe. His license says...BLU BRIK.

Roger Moser - '70 Chevelle SS

Roger brought his 4 speed 396 big block out for the show. The depth of the shine in the car's paint is amazing and is a great example of car crafting talents as Roger painted this car himself.

Steve Moser - '57 Bel Air

One of the coolest and comfortable cruisers at the show, Steve brought the family out in the classicly restored 1957 Chevolet Bel Air complete a few treatments to make it a great driver in 2008.

Steve Oteri - '57 Chevrolet

A blown small block with dual carbureters and electric exhaust cut outs make this a very cool ride. What makes it an even cooler ride are the graphics on the trunk lid "Cruisin with the Son"

Zach Moser - Jr. Dragster

Zach has completed for three years with Gospel Motorsports in the junior dragster ranks. He is racing at the 8.90 bracket with performance from EP Motorsports and a Shockwave clutch.



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