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Welcome to Gospel Motorsports. This web site is dedicated to the Lord Jesus Christ, through which all things are possible.

The Ultimate Sponsor: I had a passion for drag racing and participated as a sportsman bracket racer for many years. When my children became of age to enter the sport, it seemed necessary to consider a team name. When looking at popular cars and drivers, many of them include big name sponsors that have provided endless revenue streams to facilitate the efforts of the race team. While dollars are a necessary element of racing, the ultimate provider of life seemed to deserve the most credit for our blessing to be able to race. God takes many forms, but in the Gospel, he takes the form of Jesus, and the story of the ultimate sacrifice became the obvious choice for the ultimate sponsor.

Faith Factor: While drag racing's safety has grown over the years, it is still a dangerous sport. In my early racing years, the risk may have been part of the thrill. Seeing a few great names pass on such as Blaine Johnson, Lee Shepherd, and Darrell Russell have reminded me that our time on life's track is very limited. Fear can be consuming, and the greatest tool to keep in the toolbox is faith in the Lord Jesus and the life everlasting that he grants. So if it happens that we expire in the traps, we will know that we have crossed that finish line of life and entered the winner's circle in heaven.

Why Race?: Most people in this sport will recognize that the income barely makes a dent in the costs. Fame is about as short lived as the money, if it ever comes. Stepping away from the need to win has allowed this sport to become fun. When the day is done and there were a few more wins than losses, that victory does not go to my talents, my car, or luck, the victory goes to the Lord. I will work hard and try to win to bring glory to the Lord's name, but I know that the finish is up to the Lord and he will decide if that .000 light will fall in my lane or my competitor's.


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